Luxury Homes with character & timeless beauty


Building Group

At Monarch Building Group, we craft luxury homes with character and timeless beauty. This means creating a space that doesn’t just embody your personality, tastes, and desired lifestyle, but does so with the sophistication and timelessness of a true luxury home. Using an approach that emphasises close collaboration as much as craftsmanship, we strive to deliver a quality home that’s marked by you.

We are a boutique builder specialising in custom homes and developments. We build beautiful homes for clients throughout Melbourne’s inner suburbs using a client-centric approach that distinguishes both the quality of our service and the originality our homes. Our experienced team can strike the delicate balance of crafting a home with character while maintaining the sense of timelessness that we pride ourselves on. The end result will be a beautiful home that you can be proud of for years to come.

Building For YOU.

Monarch Building Group was conceived with a mission to carry out your vision to its full potential, while providing a collaborative, tailored service along the way. We understand that building a home from the ground up requires more than just technical expertise and industry experience. Our homes are built upon a genuine interpersonal relationship with our clients and created using a unique building process that prioritises authentic collaboration and an eye for the finer details.

We have built a number of custom luxury homes and dual occupancy developments throughout Melbourne. While each home is expertly tailored to fit the clients’ individual tastes and lifestyle, they all share the same sense of sophistication, exceptional quality, and long-lasting elegance that distinguish a Monarch home.