With an approach to creating luxury homes that emphasises collaboration, everything we do is focused on you. 


We understand that building a home from the ground up requires more than just technical expertise and industry know-how. Our homes are built upon a genuine interpersonal relationship with our clients and a proven process that starts from the day we meet you.

Just as we dedicate ourselves to realising your ultimate vision, we also strive to provide an enjoyable and collaborative building experience along the way. Read a breakdown of the Monarch Building Group process below.

Our team, including our Director Justin, will meet with you to learn about the key requirements for your new home and the ideas that will inspire it. This stage is collaborative, and like everything we do, all about you. We will use these meetings to really get to know you, your tastes, and the desired lifestyle you’d like to nurture within your home.

Remember – no dream or idea is too big for our team.

Once we feel we have a thorough understanding of your vision, we will work with your chosen architect or designer to create an initial concept for your new home.

This is a brainstorming phase that will involve regular input from you, as we consult you closely to ensure the final design is nothing short of what you envisioned.

This stage involves the finalisation of plans by the architect or design team, who will now document the project and its specifications. The construction documentation is required in order to obtain a building permit and seek accurate pricing from prospective contractors. Throughout the build, we will work closely to guide you towards the best design choices and selections.

Once permits have been approved and the required contractors have signed on, the construction phase will begin. To ensure that this process is as stress-free as possible for you, we will break down this process into easily understandable stages. We will continue to consult and collaborate you at each key stage. From the top down, our team will actively seek your approval and input to ensure that your home is exactly what you planned, down to the finest detail.

Before handover, your home will go through a quality assurance check, undertaken personally by our director Justin. Handover day is an incredibly special part of the build, as it symbolises the end of the construction process and the start of your new journey. Our team will be on hand to answer all of your questions and take you through all the functions of features of your new home to allow you to make the most of it from day one.